The website of James Shaw, a PhD student researching numerical methods for the atmosphere at University of Reading

Beyond Stack Overflow

4 April 2016

Most researchers I know in my department make regular use of Stack Overflow, the question and answer site for programmers. While it is the oldest and most popular, there are a family of Q&A sites that closely follow the look and feel of Stack Overflow. More than a dozen of these target scientific and mathematical topics, and some are particularly relevant to those of us working in meteorology:

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DatumEdge revival

28 March 2016

This is a revival of the blog previously hosted with Google Blogger. Inspired by Carl Boettiger’s open lab notebook, and talks from Ed Hawkins and Tom Sizmur about academics engaging with online communities, I have updated this website to include more information about me, documents and software that I've written, and links to my online presence elsewhere.

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NetCDF and matplotlib basemap with Python 3

14 September 2014

Ubuntu 14.04 does not have packages for NetCDF-Python or the Matplotlib Basemap Toolkit for Python 3. However, both can be installed from source without too much difficulty.

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Upgrading Intel video drivers for Xubuntu 13.04

26 August 2013

Having purchased a refurbished ThinkPad X301 this month, I set about installing Xubuntu 13.04. So far, the only problem I have had was with the Intel video drivers. I was seeing some screen corruption, especially with rxvt:

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Using JMock with Spring 3 tests

22 October 2012

Spring framework comes with a module, Spring Testing, that integrates with JUnit 4. It allows us to test Spring beans by wiring them into a JUnit test class. If we are writing an integration test, we may want to mock the dependencies of the bean under test. This article shows how to include those mock objects in a Spring ApplicationContext.

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