The website of James Shaw, a postdoctoral researcher at The University of Sheffield developing mathematical methods for flood simulators

DatumEdge revival

28 March 2016

This is a revival of the blog previously hosted with Google Blogger. Inspired by Carl Boettiger’s open lab notebook, and talks from Ed Hawkins and Tom Sizmur about academics engaging with online communities, I have updated this website to include more information about me, documents and software that I've written, and links to my online presence elsewhere.

I hope to start sharing notes on my research as a PhD student in the Department of Meteorology at the University of Reading, where I am developing numerical methods for atmospheric flows on arbitrary meshes using the OpenFOAM computational fluid dynamics library, supervised by Hilary Weller and John Methven at the University of Reading, and Terry Davies at the UK Met Office.

This site was created using the superb Jekyll website and blog generator, hosted with GitHub Pages. The website source is available on GitHub, should anyone want to reuse or modifying the site's layout and styling.